Polyhedron - Dianne Heesom-Green



An artists major challenge is to interpret a feeling, belief or emotion with integrity. While the image is interpretive it should also be aesthetically appealing and bring relevance to the viewers reality.

The word polyhedron is a mathematical term meaning a three dimensional multi faceted shape which exists in space. Like a banana or a box.

I use the polyhedrons to communicate my love of the great oceans of our world. How to represent water in clay was such a challenge and took me years to define. The waves and ripples we see are the frills of a deeper immense force that spirals around the globe unceasingly.

What is he basic shape of nature? Each element has its micro and macro reality, and they are the same. A grain of sand  has the same basic shape as the mountain from which it came.

One of the largest polyhedrons made by Dianne is on permanent exhibition in the National Art Museum, Pretoria, as part of the Corobrick Collection