Wings of Light, Feet of Clay - Dianne Heesom-Green



New York Exhibition

Christiaan Diederick, an esteemed South African artist and I collaborated on this exhibition that went to the 5+5 Gallery in New York.  I made the sculptures and he used some of them as a canvas for his wonderfully graphic images.

The title Wings of Light, Feet of Clay describe the dichotomy of mind and body.

Gender identity within the homosexual community was addressed.

However, the sculptures explore the issue outside of this narrow field of vision and rather ask questions on father/son roles & expectations, heterosexual/homosexual angst, self-image and relationships with ones spiritual self.

Duality of roles, both internally and within society and the resulting emotional fall out is also explored.

The body is anchored to the earth by feet of clay, but our aspirations fly free.