Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You - Dianne Heesom-Green



This exhibition was the culmination of many years of contemplation.  Almost 30 years after the end of our civil war, the images arose, demanding to present themselves.  Each sculpture raises debate on war in its various forms.

I am questioning the structures and methods by which the spin doctors of war coerce populations into accepting violent conflict as a human condition.  I suggest that if more time, money and energy were put towards peaceful solutions, then global disharmony would be as unattainable as global peace is today.

Porcelain paper clay sculptures such as ‘Serve your Country’,  ‘A soldier has to keep his real head in a box’, ‘Brothers in Arms’, ‘Conversation Peace’ and ‘Platoon’ use imagery and symbolism based on the mechanics and structures within armies and organisations that support violent conflict.

“You have forgotten you are life, priceless life. You are therefore no longer afraid to die.  This is the secret of all armies.  This is the magical power of the uniform, the tribal dance, the marching squad, the aircraft in formation.”

Thank you to all the ex-servicemen who shared their stories with me.