Dianne Heesom-Green

In the small fishing village of Paternoster of the Cape West Coast Dianne Heesom-Green creates unique hand built clay sculptures, paints and hosts workshops.

After Matriculating at Westville Girls High School, Dianne studied Art and Higher Eductation at the Natal Art School and University of Natal, majoring in sculpture under Peter Shultz.
Feeling that a teaching post was too premature considering she knew nothing about anything except school and books, she left for Cape Town. After 12 years of designing and working within the computer and forms industry in Cape Town and England, Dianne decided high finance and corporate life could do without her and returned to Cape Town in 1995.

Finally, knowing a little more about life, Dianne felt ready to teach and opened a ceramic studio in Cape Town, then later in Paternoster. Since then she has been teaching, exhibiting and generally exploring the ceramic medium and painting in oils.

Her work is found in homes and collections across Europe and within her homeland, South Africa.

Find us at point 23 on the Open Studios Route

Stone Fish Studio & Gallery

Die Ou Stoor as it was called was built in 1863. This dry stone building was built by cutting the rock out on the surrounding landscape without the help of power tools. It was first built as a storage for wheat and grain, and was used by the farmers of the day. The Paternoster Hotel was the farmhouse. When I saw it in the late 1900's the building was used to store wood and disused fish processing equipment. Now with the stone exposed and the windows reinstalled the old girl lives again as a wonderfully creative space.

The name derived from the fact that I create fish out of clay, then fire them to 1200 degrees, thus turning them back into stone...stone fish. I like the play on imagery, in that a fish swims naturally in water, yet a stone cannot. However, many images of fish from millions of years back are set forever in stone as fossils. With our diminishing fish stocks this also has significance.

My ceramic sculpture is a time consuming process, so I invited artists I admire as emerging Western Cape artistic talent to help me fill the gallery and to show visitors just how accessible true art is.

Wilko Roon, Hennie Meyer, Theo Paul Vorster, Merrill Meier, Theo Kleynhans, Candice Dawn B and Raymond Hoggan are on show at Stone Fish Gallery.